Tips for Marathon Runners on Race Day

Gary Rixson currently works as a business development consultant based out of Kansas City, Missouri. In his free time, Gary Rixson likes to stay active by running. He ran the 2012 Chicago Marathon and the 2013 Tough Mudder obstacle race.

Training for a marathon can take several weeks or months for an experienced runner, and even longer for a person competing in their first distance-running event. In addition to the long-term preparation that goes into marathon running, a runner can take some actions to improve the likelihood of a successful race on the same day as the event.

A simple tip, for example, involves visualizing success. This can be done any morning or night, but it is particularly helpful on the morning of the race. The most common example of visualizing success involves imagining one’s self crossing the finish line. Some of the world’s most successful runners admit that positive thinking before and during the race is critical to running a good marathon and can help overcome physical difficulties mid-race.

Of course, athletes must also avoid getting too caught up in the activities of race day and remember to follow their typical routine, including warm-up stretches. Calf, quad, and hamstring stretches, as well as neck rolls and knee raises, can be especially beneficial when it comes to loosening the muscles and preventing injury during the race.


United Way Promotes Literacy in Kansas City, Missouri

As a member of the Lockton Companies Benefit Communication Insourcing team, Gary Rixson develops strategies to effectively communicate the details of large firms’ employee benefit packages. Outside of the office, the Kansas City professional enjoys cheering on local sports teams such as the Chiefs and the Royals. Gary Rixson also dedicates his free time to a number of charitable organizations, including the United Way.

Nearly 145,000 residents of Kansas City, Missouri are unable to read. United Way of Kansas City aims to reduce this statistic to zero with a multifaceted literacy initiative that comprises a variety of educational programs and services. The organization works to improve youth literacy via its sponsorship of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, which provides free monthly books to children in financially disadvantaged households throughout the greater Kansas City area.

United Way also sponsors Born Learning KC, an interactive online resource aimed at helping parents foster early childhood literacy through enriching daily activities. Additionally, United Way’s educational resource centers provide a safe, nurturing environment to help prepare young children to be successful in school.

With its comprehensive literacy initiative, United Way has aided the literacy development of over 2,500 preschoolers. Its educational services have assisted more than 900 local parents in fostering their children’s reading and writing skills, and have encouraged over 300 students to pursue post-secondary or professional certification programs.