Ronald McDonald House Charities – Focused on Family Support

An MBA graduate of Baker University, Gary Rixson has served as a consultant with Lockton Companies since 2013. Gary Rixson also contributes to a number of nonprofits, including the United Way and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Dedicated to helping children with critical health needs and their families, Ronald McDonald House Charities is guided by the core values of accountability, child-focused care, diversity, and heritage. Founded in 1974, RMHC offers scholarships and grants in addition to its programs to provide accommodations like care mobiles and Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in more than 60 countries. With financial support and volunteers mainly from McDonald’s restaurants, the RMHC is able to fund and expand its programs, including what is perhaps its best-known program, the Ronald McDonald Houses.

Currently, the organization hosts more than 300 Houses throughout the world. Each location allows families to be near their children during medical treatment for little or no cost. Staffed by trained volunteers, they take the day-to-day burden of cleaning and meal-planning off of family members so they can focus on the medical needs of their child. Every Ronald McDonald House provides private bedrooms and play areas, home-cooked meals; while some of them also make educational, recreational, and support services available.


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